Moved to Princeton!

Ryan Adams · July 1, 2018

After several wonderful years at Harvard, and some fun times at Twitter and Google, I've moved to Princeton. I'll miss all my amazing colleagues at Harvard and MIT, but I'm excited for the unique opportunities Princeton has to offer. I've renamed the group from the "Harvard Intelligent Probabilistic Systems" (HIPS) group to the "Laboratory for Intelligent Probabilistic Systems" (LIPS). (I should've listened to the advice of not putting the name of the university in the group name...)

I've moved all the HIPS blog posts over to this new Wordpress site, but I will keep the HIPS Github as that is where some well-known projects live, such as Autograd and Spearmint. For new projects, I've created a new repository at My new personal site is here.

Moving universities is an opportunity to explore new intellectual spaces, try new things, and take new risks. I plan to take full advantage of this and one aspect of this is that I'm going to be building a physical lab space here at Princeton. Stay tuned.

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